Brian Dudley Takes A Weekend Off To Tagaytay, Philippines

September 01, 2016

MANILA, Philippines — We decided to have a quick weekend getaway to a popular destination that is just close from home. Just two to three hours from the Philippine capital Manila, Tagaytay is a vacation destination even for an instantaneous decision [...]

Brian Dudley in Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines

September 01, 2016

CEBU, Philippines — Let’s head down to Central Visayas, to a paradise almost 90 kilometers south from the Queen City of the South—Moalboal, known for its snorkel and dive sites. [...]

Premier Extends Secure Online Fund Management Platform

July 13, 2016

Premier Global Consulting, Makati City, Philippines – Premier Global Consulting, a wealth advisory firm supporting expatriates stationed in throughout South-east Asia, announced its deployment of a proprietary online platform for portfolio management. [...]

Brian Dudley And Family Travel To Panglao, Philippines

May 16, 2016

Our family’s next vacation destination was the beautiful island of Panglao in Bohol, still in the Visayas island group, in the Central Visayas Region in south-central Philippines. Taking about one and a quarter hour plane ride from Manila, we reached the capital of Bohol province, Tagbiliran. [...]

Manila Club-Philippines Names Brian Dudley As Honorary Secretary

February 11, 2016

I’m proud to have been named the Honorary Secretary of the Manila Club for over three years. For over 138 years, the Manila Club has operated in Manila, the Philippines. It was documented in 1877 although there is some evidence to suggest it was started 40 years earlier in 1837. The Manila Club is the [...]