About Brian Dudley

Living in Makati Manila, husband and father; I develop bespoke, pragmatic finance solutions for Philippines-based expatriates. All too often, people do not attend to their wealth management through practical, rational planning and disciplined execution. My mission is to provide my clients with the best market intelligence and strategic insight; help them make the smartest possible financial decisions; execute on those decisions to reach their goals.

With a financial services career spanning three countries and over a decade of experience, I specialize in wealth management across the spectrum of concentrations including:

  • Financial Planning for Individuals and Businesses
  • Asset Growth Strategies
  • Savings & Investment
  • Tax Strategies
  • Succession & Estate Planning
  • Onshore & Offshore Trusts
  • Offshore Incorporation
  • Employee benefits

I hold a Degree Diploma from the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) UK in financial planning specializing in UK taxation & trusts and pensions. While working in Singapore, I received financial planning qualifications at the Singapore College of Insurance (SCI).

Before starting my own wealth management company, Premier Global Consulting, I worked with Lloyds TSB and British Medical Association (financial services division) as well as the independent financial advisory, Campbell Fisk & Partners. Premier Global Consulting, a Manila-based GlobalNet affiliate, offers a broad range of financial advisory services for expatriates residing in the Philippines.